Social care cost issue won’t go away

Coun Kevin Rostance'Chair of Adult Social Care and Health Committee'Notts County Council
Coun Kevin Rostance'Chair of Adult Social Care and Health Committee'Notts County Council

The cost of social care and how we pay for it is an issue that isn’t going away.

We are all living longer and, like it or not, we need to think about our future and how we want to be cared for when we are no longer able to look after ourselves.

At Notts County Council, we understand that the majority of people want to continue living in their own homes for as long as possible and we have a variety of services to help them do this.

If anyone is struggling to cope and needs some extra support, we can carry out an assessment to see if they qualify for our services. People can find out more by phoning 08449 80 80 80 or visiting

Regardless of what services we offer, we know that some people with greater needs will require residential or nursing care. You can find out more about how to find a care home at: But care homes aren’t cheap. Anyone with assets (including property) over £23,250 must pay for the full cost of their care.

While decisions still need to be made nationally about whether there should be a cap on care costs, many people today are still facing huge bills for their care and are selling their homes to fund it. In some cases, this may not be necessary.

We are working with a not-for-profit organisation, PayingForCare, to provide people who are responsible for paying for their own care costs with valuable information about long-term care. PayingForCare can put people in touch with specialist care fees advisers and advise on the various ways to pay for your care for as long as you need it.

For more information visit or call free on 0808 208 9994.

We would strongly advise anyone who is thinking of going into a care home, or is looking for a family member, to get in touch with PayingForCare or another care fees adviser.

By getting sound independent specialist information andl advice, we believe that many people can protect their savings and assets for longer and ensure they leave a legacy for their loved ones.

Councillor Kevin Rostance

Chair of Adult Social Care and Health Committee

Nottinghamshire County Council