Snakes seen in Morton

Gainsborough news
Gainsborough news

SNAKES have been spotted in Morton this week, thought to be adders or grass snakes.

Diane Hollingsworth called The Standard to alert resident to the creatures, which were seen in grass verges on Field Lane and on the green in Nursery Vale.

Her daughter Jessica, 13, spotted one of the snakes while walking to school.

“It was brown with black dots and zig zags, about an inch thick and two feet long, it was just there on the grass,” said Jessica.

Diane said: “We’ve looked them up on the Internet and it looked like an adder. We just wanted to let people know, especially if they have dogs which might come across them.”

Grass snakes are harmless. But the RSPCA advises people not to handle adders, which are venomous and can bite if they feel threatened.