SLIDESHOW: Stunning photos of curiosities unearthed during Mr Straw’s ‘behind the scenes’ tour

Visitors to the mysterious Mr Straw’s House took a peek inside cupboards and drawers and discovered hidden treasures during the ‘Beyond the Ropes’ tour, held last week.

The tour gave visitors the opportunity to unlock secret areas of the house, which has remained virtually unchanged since the Straw family moved there in 1923.

Rare tours being given of nooks and crannies of Mr. Straw's house in Worksop. The dining room

Rare tours being given of nooks and crannies of Mr. Straw's house in Worksop. The dining room

Curiosities on display during the event included a copy of the Worksop Guardian which dates all the way back to 1933!

Torri Crapper, house and visitors service manager, said: “Our behind the scenes tours are a brilliant opportunity to see more of our collection which is not normally on display.”

“We love being able to show some of our more unique pieces from within our archive and stores to some of our visitors.”

“Mr Straw’s House is a really special place with an amazing story to tell through our family and our collection so being able to share our stories further with our visitors is really wonderful.”

For over 60 years, the Straw family threw little away and chose to live without many of the modern comforts we take for granted today at their house on Blyth Road.

Treasured possessions and ordinary domestic items can still be seen exactly where their owners left them in number 7, while number 5 provides space for displaying objects normally hidden inside drawers and cupboards.

Outside, the lovingly tended garden and orchard includes a greenhouse housing Walter Straw’s cacti collection and various fruit trees once used by the family to make preserves and other recipes.

Upcoming events include the Revealed Tour on Wednesday 8th July, Mr Straw’s Summer Holiday Trail running from 21st July – 29th August and the What’s Eating Mr Straw’s House? Evening tour and talk on 27th, 28th and 30th October.

Booking for these events is essential on 01909 482380.