SLIDESHOW: Dramatic images from huge Notts blaze

Toxic plastic fumes linger overhead and the scale of a huge Notts fire is revealed in our slideshow.

These images show the unfolding scene at a Nottinghamshire blaze as firefighters continue to hold back flames from spreading to adjacent buildings and nearby woodland.

Image courtesy James Day

Image courtesy James Day

The major operation peaked with nine fire engines and close to 50 members of the team involved yesterday afternoon. Today two fire engines remain on the scene as they let the fire burn out on it's own.

The industrial unit in Walesby, near Ollerton, is shown to have collapsed as the fire destroyed the structure and the contents continues to burn across a large area.

The Environment Agency has been on site to assess risks to the surrounding area took the decision that fighting the huge blaze would use so much water the risks to contaminating groundwater are too great.

A spokesman said: “The Environment Agency is continuing to work with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service and other partner organisations to control and monitor the industrial fire in Walesby, Nottinghamshire.

“The decision has been taken to let a controlled burn take place at the site to avoid the risk of water contamination.

“The Environment Agency will carry out a full investigation at the site once the situation is under control.

“Due to the intensity of the fire we have not been able to identify the exact nature of the material involved but we believe it is likely to contain a proportion of plastic products.”