Rotherham: Council urges householders to make sure they are eligible to vote

Guardian News
Guardian News

Want to vote in next year’s elections? Then fill in the form.

That is the message from the Electoral Services team at Rotherham Borough Council, which wants to make sure that anyone who wants to, can vote in next year’s elections.

Voter registration forms have been dropping through letterboxes across Rotherham and householders are being urged to return them promptly.

This is to ensure the Rotherham Electoral Register is as up-to-date as possible ahead of next year’s local Borough Council and European Parliament elections.

“Registering to vote is very simple,” said a council spokesman.

“All a householder has to do is to update the annual canvass form with the details of everyone who lives in the household who is eligible to vote, and return the form as soon as possible.”

“If the details have not changed the householders could save the authority money by replying online or by telephone using the automated freephone number.”

“Any household that does not receive a form should contact the Electoral Services team on 01709 823590.”