Road Test: Volvo V40 D2 SE Powershift

Volvo V40
Volvo V40

In the interests of transparency, I’ll come clean about something. I love Volvos.

I love them so much that I own one, but this was the first time I’d sat behind the wheel of a V40.

Volvo V40

Volvo V40

To me, Volvos represent a touch of class and quality, but without being prohibitively priced.

They are renowned for their reliability and longevity, being able to go on and on and on and on.

I read recently about one vintage Volvo that has now clocked up a mindboggling 3 million miles, and is still going strong.

I didn’t require the V40 D2 SE to do millions of miles, just a few round trips between Sheffield and Worksop, and to get me to Birmingham and back.

Volvo V40

Volvo V40

In recent years the Swedish manufacturer has made great strides in shaking off the perception many have that Volvos are a bit, well, square.

The newer models are certainly more stylish, and the V40 is a perfect example of that.

Its fine lines give it a sleek and sporty look.

The D2 engine and automatic transmission give very impressive fuel economy of 72.4mpg (combined), but this in no way flattens the performance.

Volvo V40

Volvo V40

The V40 I tested has a top speed of 118 mph and goes from 0-60 in 11.5 seconds.

The SE trim comes with lots of gadgets and gizmos , and is practical to a tee in true Volvo style.

We’re talking Sat Nav, front and rear parking sensors, cruise control, start-stop technology, dual climate control, and DAB radio.

The audio system is superb, the Stones’ ‘Exile on Main Street’ never sounded so good as I cruised down the M42 to our second city.

Volvo V40

Volvo V40

As you’d expect with a Volvo, all the controls are conveniently placed, and the instrument display is clear, doesn’t distract, and has all the info you need.

In the V40 your comfort is also assured, the interior is plush, and you can adjust your seat every which way until you are 100 per cent comfortable.

Most importantly, it drives and handles beautiful.

The D2 model might be at the frugal end of the V40 spectrum, but it has still got a fair bit of poke, and won’t be bullied on the motorway.

The steering is smooth and responsive, the car is well balanced, and is as impressive when cornering as it is in a straight line.

The car’s lane departure system and blind spot warning system really come into their own when on the motorway and give you extra piece of mind.

But the V40 isn’t just for bombing up and down the M1.

It is designed just as much for getting around town, as I found while to-ing and fro-ing around Sheffield.

The parking assist system will guide you with in the tightest parallel parking space.

The V40 D2 Powershift SE comes in at £23,805 on the road, which is very reasonably priced for what you get.

But if that’s a bit out of your price range, the entry level model comes in at a very modest £20,795.

So, is my Volvo love affair continuing? You can bet your boots it is.


Volvo V40 D2 SE Powershift

Price: £23,805 OTR

Engine: 1.6 litre diesel

0-60: 11.5 seconds

Top speed: 118mph

max power: 115bhp

Combined fuel

consumption: 72.4mpg