Retford: Rose for handyman Harold

A Guardian Rose has been given to a resident of Conway Gardens in Retford.

Jackie Philpotts, who runs a craft club at the sheltered accommodation and whose mother also lives there, nominated Harold Ellison for the rose because of everything that he does for the residents.

She said: “He’s so good with all the people here.”

“Nothing is too much trouble.”

“He’s always doing things for them.”

“He gets embarrassed about things like this but I feel it’s time he was recognised.”

“He will never take anything from anybody so it doesn’t hurt to have him recognised for all he does in here.”

“He is always doing odd jobs like putting curtains up.”

“Nothing phases him, he will just go out and do things.”

“There are so many things he does.”

Harold was left speechless when he was presented with the rose by fellow resident Norma Brett during a game of bingo in front of all the other residents.

He said: “I am surprised.”

As well as doing a variety of jobs around the place Harold also cooks for everyone on a Friday evening.

He said: “I only charge them for the ingredients.”

“I don’t make a profit.”

“It keeps everyone happy and gets everyone together more.”

As well as doing odd jobs around the home and cooking dinner Harold also donated a dryer to the home after the old one broke.

Harold will have lived at Conway Gardens for a year in September.