Retford: Rampton patient kicked nurse in the stomach

In Court
In Court

A nurse suffered internal bruising after she was kicked in the stomach by one of her patients.

Karen Hunt, 38, of Adwick Ward, Rampton, pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm at Worksop Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 9th September.

Prosecuting, Donna Fawcett said: “The nurse was talking to Ms Hunt about a sponsored walk and could see she was becoming agitated.”

“The nurse asked Hunt to sit down because of her mood and put her in a passive hold.”

“As the nurse and other staff escorted the defendant back to her room, Hunt kicked nurse Smith in her stomach.”

“Hunt was struggling violently before falling onto her back and being restrained by the staff.”

The victim received internal bruising and as a result, had to take six weeks of work to recover.

In mitigation Padma Panigrahi said: “ Hunt has an impulsive type of personality, with a tendency of self harm and aggression.”

“As well as post traumatic stress from a difficult childhood.”

The court heard how Hunt has been in a high secure hospital since 2000.

Mrs Panigrahi added: “The defendant didn’t mean to hurt anyone during the incident. It was accidental and she doesn’t remember much of what happened.

“She is full of remorse.”

Hunt apologised upon the nurse’s return to work.

However nurse Smith said she shouldn’t have to put up with such abuse from the people she cares for.

Magistrates ordered Hunt to pay £500 in compensation to the nurse and £85 costs.