Retford nightclub loses its license

RETFORD'S only nightclub has had its license taken away for persistently breaching licensing rules.

Council chiefs ordered that the license for Bliss at the Porterhouse on Carolgate be revoked at a hearing held at Retford Town Hall on Wednesday.

Police at the hearing listed a number of offences committed at the club including persistently selling alcohol to underage drinkers.

"Every time they serve someone who is underage, it's a crime," said Ch Insp Glenn Harper.

"The police has tried very hard to work with this operator and it is a big decision for us to bring this before you today but we feel there is no alternative."

The club failed a number of test purchases carried out by police last year, despite warnings being issued between operations.

"I was astounded," said Ch Insp Harper.

"A licensee should take this very seriously. Serving somebody who is underage is a very serious matter. We would think that the premises would be on their guard.

The club's licensee and premises supervisor Denise McEvoy was also accused of allowing underage drinkers into the club despite doorstaff wishing to turn them away.

But Miss McEvoy denied this and insisted that she works very closely with her doorstaff when making such decisions.

Police solicitor Heather Middleton also told the committee that the club has failed to keep to the licensing condition which states that all glass bottles must be decantered into plastic or toughened glasses.

"This is a serious risk to life. Glass bottles can cause serious and even fatal injuries," said Ch Insp Harper.

Miss McEvoy described this issue as an oversight.

The club was also criticised for promoting an evening where, after paying a door fee, visitors could could enjoy free drinks in the club.

Tony Wilkinson, representing Miss McEvoy suggested that the licensing conditions be reviewed rather than revoked. But police said this would do no good.

"Modifying the conditions set on the club would not work as they do not keep to them anyway."

The committee agreed to revoke the license.