Retford mum receives vile card telling her to 'stop begging for money' after fundraising for terminal cancer treatment

The card
The card

A Bassetlaw mum-of-five who is battling terminal cancer received a card yesterday (January 12) telling her to 'stop begging for money'.

Karen Land, from Retford, has been given just eight weeks to live after being diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2017.

The card

The card

The 40-year-old had surgery the day after completing her training with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue, but was told her condition was worse than anticipated and “there was nothing more that could be done”.

Friends, family and the community have rallied round Karen to raise money for pioneering immunotherapy treatment.

However, a 'Thinking of you' card was delivered to her home which had a vile message inside.

The scrawled message said: "Stop begging for money!

"Enough is enough, with raffles, just funding

"Why do you still want people giving money to you?

"What will happen to to money when there is no cure for you"

The card had a stamp on, but has not been sent through the post.

Karen is worried this is someone she knows.

A JustGiving account has now raised over £6,200 of the £30,000 needed for the treatment in Germany.

Karen said: "After having this card posted through my letterbox this morning I feel as though I need to address a few issues regarding my fundraising for treatment just so it’s clear.

"Firstly as a single parent on a limited budget which comprises of sick pay from my work and universal credit I struggle month to month to get by as do many other single parents and low income families in today’s society.

"I privately rent my home and don’t have savings etc or own my own car.

"My car I currently use is a disability car that isn’t mine and will be given back when it’s not needed anymore.

"As my condition has deteriorated quite rapidly in the last two months I made a decision to sell what belongings I had to help pay for my funeral as I don’t want my family being left picking up the bill as they are not cheap.

"If I had means to pay for my treatment myself I wouldn’t have asked but I didn’t so felt it was my only option to go down this route.

"There is no cure for me and even if I managed to access treatment in Germany it’s only to try and extend my life.

"Any money that has been raised for treatment is kept by my mum in a separate account and hasn’t been used for any other purpose.

"If I do die before I manage to make it to Germany then anyone who has donated to my fund can express what they would like to happen to there donation via my mum and that will be carried out.

"I would just like to say that anyone’s personal decision regarding use of there donation will definitely be carried out as they wish.

"There is a company called Collins who have helped me quite substantially with a large donation and I’ve already had the conversation with them regarding use of the donation should I not make it to Germany.

"I hope whoever decided to post this through my letterbox never has to go through anything like this.

"Maybe they might have a different view if they were faced with there young children growing up without a mother.

"I won’t apologise for trying to do everything I can to be here for as long as possible for my children and I will continue to do whatever it takes.

"I haven’t given up trying to get to Germany and will continue to fundraise as I have.

"If it offends you that much maybe just scroll on by and stop looking at my page.

"Or even better still concentrate on what’s going on in your own life

Again apologies for the lengthy post.

"I would just like to say a big thank you to the majority of people on my page that have supported me and helped me time and time again.

"I would loved to discuss this persons issues face to face so if anyone recognises this handwriting or might know who it is please feel free to pass the information onto me."

The statement on Karen's social media page has received hundreds of positive comments supporting Karen and her family.

Rachel Wood, a friend of Karen's said: "Karen has now had to publicly defend herself and explain where the money will go if she dies before it’s spent.

"As if what she is going through is not horrendous enough.

"The note is disgusting, but it is only one horrible person's thoughts.

"I personally hope it just goes to her kids, as they won’t have a Mum if she passes away."

Unfortunately, the cancer has spread to Karen's lungs and lymph nodes, and she also suffers from multiple brain tumours.

Without any further treatment her life expectancy is around eight weeks.

Immunotherapy isn't available as a treatment yet in the UK on this type of cancer as its still in the trial stages.

If you have any CCTV of Karen's home, or recognise the card or handwriting you can contact Karen's page by clicking here

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