Retford: Man stunned to be told Retford was not in Notts

Nottingham Credit Union
Nottingham Credit Union

A Retford man was left stunned when he was told that his wife could not open an account with Nottingham Credit Union because they said Retford was not in Nottinghamshire.

Dave Hedley, who lives on Greenway, discovered that because his postcode started DN - the code for Doncaster - not NG, Retford had been classed as South Yorkshire on the Credit Union computer system.

The Union’s website states that accounts with them are open to anyone who lives or works in Nottinghamshire.

But when Mr Hedley’s wife Jules tried to open an account, she was told she was ineligible because she didn’t live in the county.

“I couldn’t believe it. I live in Retford and work in Nottingham, we’re nothing to do with South Yorkshire,” said Mr Hedley.

“It clearly says on their website that their services are for anyone who lives or works in Nottinghamshire.”

“But because of the postcode not being what they consider Notts, we were told that we were not eligible.”

Mr Hedley was also unimpressed when Credit Union said they couldn’t post his wife’s driving licence back an instead said they had to come to their offices in the centre of Nottingham to get it.

“By the time I’d paid for that, it would be cheaper to order a new one from the DVLA,” he added.

A Credit Union spokesman said that although there had been confusion over the postcodes, there was no doubt that Retford was in Nottinghamshire and that if Mr Hedley contacted them again, they would be able to open an account.