Retford man stole booze to drink himself to death

Court latest
Court latest

A Retford man stole booze in a bid to drink himself to death after his partner ended their relationship, a court heard.

Stephen Henry helped himself to two bottles of whisky, worth £65, from Asda, on October 8, and returned to the Wharf Road store, on September 13, and took another bottle, worth £32.

Michael Little, mitigating, said Henry’s girlfriend ended their six year relationship, leaving Henry “desperate.”

Mr Little told the court that drinking brought Henry close to death in August, when he ended up in hospital after one of his kidneys stopped working.

“The surgeon told him “you should be in the morgue,”” he said.

“Mr Henry says - “I went and stole the whisky with the intention of killing myself.””

Since then Mr Little said Henry’s situation had improved “dramatically.”

“He says “I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“Now he is back together with his partner and his medication has been straightened out.”

Henry, 49, of Monckton Road, admitted the thefts, and was ordered to pay compensation of £97 to the store, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Friday.