Residents help clean up the streets of Gainsborough

Gainsborough street clean up
Gainsborough street clean up

Five tonnes of rubbish has been cleared from Gainsborough streets after a clean-up operation organised by social housing provider Acis.

Garden waste, carpets, sofas, chairs, beds, toys, bicycles, scooters, pushchairs, wood and household waste were collected as part of the clean-up day around the town’s north ward on Saturday, February 6.

Acis was helped by West Lindsey District Council which provided a bin lorry to collect much of the rubbish and around one tonne was able to be recycled.

Erica Watkins, area service manager, organised the clean-up.

She said: “The conditions weren’t great but with some great community spirit we managed to clean up a lot of the rubbish that had been making some streets look very untidy.

“As an organisation, we’re committed to providing better homes, better services and better lives for the people and communities we serve.

“We estimate around 150 people benefited from this rubbish clearance and we can definitely say the areas look a lot better for it.”

Acis provides affordable housing across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.

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