Rent increase doesn’t add up

What is it about the figure 7 per cent?

The other week local rail users were slapped with a 7 per cent increase in fares to use the clapped out buses on rails that trundle along the branch line to Sheffield.

And last week it was revealed that Bassetlaw Council is planning on increasing rents to council tenants by 7 per cent.

The Labour council came out all guns blazing and blamed the massive rent hike on the coalition Government.

They said that five per cent of the rise was directly down to the Government.

But that still leaves another two per cent? Are the council going to take responsibility for that?

Talk about passing the buck. Council house rents rocket but the council says: “Wasn’t me, guv.”

Council leader Graham Oxby hit out at the Governmen, saying: “This is the most vicious attack on public sector housing that I have ever seen.”

“It’s making people pay who can’t afford it.”

So why do you plan to add a further 2 per cent on top of the Government’s 5 per cent then, eh?

Why not cap the rise at 5 per cent?

Not that I have much sympathy for council tenants.

If they feel hard done by by this rent increase nothing’s stopping finding private accommodation.

But I know that won’t happen because social housing is still by far the cheapest option.

They could put the rents up by 50 per cent and it would still work out cheaper than the private sector.

Anyway, surely any council rent rise is just robbing Peter to pay Paul?

Most tenants won’t be affected because their Housing Benefit will cover it. Us taxpayers will pick up the tab.

This extra cash for the public purse will be coming out of the, erm, public purse. It’s a farce.