Refreshing to see a royal birth not dominating the news agenda

Steve N Allen
Steve N Allen

Congratulations to Harry and Meghan, writes Steve N Allen.

Not for having the baby, that goes without saying, but congratulations for having a baby without it taking over the whole news agenda.

With previous royal sprogs the news channels went into overdrive.

I have seen the brickwork of the Lindo Wing far more than I have ever looked at the outside of my own house.

It's fun to watch Kay Burley have a televised stress fit on Sky News but it seems like a whole day is taken by baby watch.

If it's the birth of your own child that consumes your day at least you get a cigar at the end of it.

With a royal birth the country goes on pause for ages for a glimpse of the newborn with no name.

I think they often name it after whichever pub they drive past on the way home.

I know some people will say that we're paying for that child so we should get to see it, but I know a lot of guys who pay for a child they don't get to see, so it might be useful if more of us have sympathy for that.

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The only downside is that we didn't get to see Prince Harry try to work the car seat.

That was many people;s favourite part of all the Wills and Kate births.

He can fly a helicopter but you could see the panic in his eyes when he had to get that baby seat attached.

The new lad is seventh in line to the throne in a family with long-living genes, the best food and medical care in a time when they don't have to go into battle on horseback.

At the moment they have the level of spectacle in keeping with that fact.

So, to Harry and Meghan, I say congratulations.