READER LETTER: Praise - Bus driver may have saved someone’s life

Worksop Bus Station, Hardy Street, Worksop
Worksop Bus Station, Hardy Street, Worksop

On May 4, at 2.05pm, I was travelling on the number 22 Worksop service from Doncaster.

Two miles from the Yorkshire town, a real hazard confronted the bus driver, as we passed St Catherine’s Hospital on the main A60 towards Tickhill.

A middle-aged lady was driving erratically and weaving from side to side across the road. Although only travelling at about 20mph, it was obvious to all that she wasn’t in control of her vehicle.

The bus driver pulled up alongside her vehicle after flagging her down and it turned out that the woman was a diabetic and was having trouble focusing her eyes properly.

The compassionate Stagecoach driver advised the lady to stay parked up until help arrived. Unfortunately, the lady said that there was no one to help her and insisted on driving on.

However, still weaving across the road, she clipped the side of an on-coming van only just avoiding a head-on collision. Our bus driver then insisted on calling the police who were on the scene within ten minutes, and helped the traumatised woman into their car and took her away for medical help.

I’m sure that if it hadn’t been for our sensible number 22 Stagecoach driver, a more serious state of affairs, possibly death, could have arisen. Although our bus arrived half an hour late at Worksop bus station, my hat goes off to our heroic bus driver.

Geoff Evans

East Avenue, Stanfree