Reader letter: Dearest bag of spuds in Worksop

The Priory Centre car park in Worksop.
The Priory Centre car park in Worksop.

I was wondering what the situation is with the Priory Car Park regarding anyone using it to pick up a large item from, sayArgos or a bag of spuds from the rear of the fruit shop in the precinct?

Does it mean that the said items are going to be plus a £100 fine because they won’t be buying a parking ticket just to pick up an item for a few minutes?

Is there no provision for this as the camera takes a photo on entry and exit?

It would be interesting to ask the owners of the car park about it, otherwise the spuds would be the dearest in the UK at £104.99 per bag!

I’d have to cut down on them at that price!

Kevin Gladwin

Boughton Road, Rhodesia