Railway trespass man delayed Worksop trains

Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

Trains in Worksop were delayed by a man who liked sitting by the track and counting carriages to “sort his head out,” a court heard.

Daniel Newark was spotted sitting by an electrical box, near the level crossing on Carlton Road, by an off-duty member of Network Rail, at 10.30am on December 6.

“He said he wanted to watch the trains,” said Robert Carr, prosecuting. “He was told the trains wouldn’t run until he left the trackside.

“He told police he counted carriages to sort his head out.”

The court heard three trains were stopped from running and kept at Worksop station for 30 minutes, while Newark was persuaded to leave the line.

Newark, 26, of Mansfield Road, Chesterfield, admitted trespassing when he appeared before magistrates in Mansfield on Thursday.

He said it was something he had done to tackle his mental health problems “for quite a while.”

He added he was working with mental health teams and the probation service in Chesterfield after he was convicted of assaulting a police officer in November 2016.

Magistrates gave him a 12 month conditional discharge and told him to pay a £20 victim surcharge because “there was no malice involved.”