Protestors are costing you thousands

Public meeting with MP John Mann to discuss Bassetlaw Hospital clinical services review information. Mr Mann at the meeting. (w110115-1c)
Public meeting with MP John Mann to discuss Bassetlaw Hospital clinical services review information. Mr Mann at the meeting. (w110115-1c)

There is a battle with the European Union.

They want a six per cent increase in their budgets, the Government wants a freeze. I want to see a cut in their budget. At a time when everyone is feeling the pain, other than the millionaires of course, it is quite wrong to increase the European Union’s budget. It needs a good and substantial cut immediately and I will support this in Parliament.

Pseudo-environmentalists came, probably by car, to West Burton power station this week to enjoy a holiday camped inside their cooling towers. It will cost you £200,000 in lost policing costs.

What are they protesting about: is it the loss of local jobs after the government U-turn on solar energy? No! Is it the lack of progress in clean coal technology and carbon capture? No! Is it the lack of funds for ground source heating schemes in Bassetlaw? No! Instead of real green campaigning they are complaining about gas. Not just do I support a new gas power station at West Burton, but I want EDF Energy to tap into the huge reservoir of natural gas that’s underneath Beckingham and Gainsborough to help meet our energy needs. These protestors are using new mobile phone masts, opposed by some locals, to make their media phone calls. Obviously some polluters are acceptable to them. I trust that these protestors will be walking home.

I have offered King Richard III, or rather his bones, a final resting place at our magnificent Worksop Priory. Few know how important the Priory and its Gatehouse is to our history and it should be a major tourist attraction for the area. I might not be able to get the King’s remains here, but I will take any opportunity to let the world know about why they should be visiting our area.

I never understand why people who are seeking my advice and assistance choose to send me abusive emails or make abusive telephone calls. I presume they think that this will get them a higher priority. In fact it does exactly the opposite as I have a straight forward rule. Abuse me or my staff and you will go immediately to the bottom of the queue. Let me make it clear, I will not prioritise anyone who is rude or offensive and I hope that the Bassetlaw public will back me in this.

Keep up the good work on the ambulance petitioning. If you want petitions call in at my office at 68a Carlton Road, Worksop or sign the petition online at