Protect belongings

DI Ash Wilson pictured at Worksop Police Station  (w120924-8b)
DI Ash Wilson pictured at Worksop Police Station (w120924-8b)

When it’s good, Autumn weather in Bassetlaw is very, very good, but when it is bad, it is horrid.

At the moment, it’s dark, it’s cold and it’s wet.

But while many of us adopt our own form of hibernation once the sun disappears, thieves see this as an opportunity to sneak into your backyards and rummage through your sheds and garages.

In recent weeks, the CID team in Bassetlaw have been dealing with an increase in burglaries of domestic garages and sheds. Properties in more rural areas, where they are more isolated and often contain high-value agricultural equipment, are the most targeted as they are generally the most at risk.

As well as continuing to run operations and pursue suspects, based on any forensics or intelligence we receive, the Safer Neighbourhood Teams will be visiting neighbourhoods in their ‘mobile police station’ in a bid to tackle the problem from the other end.

It begins in Manton next week (from Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th November) when our police transit van will park up in various streets and officers will be giving residents the chance to have their property security marked, as well as handing out shed alarms and security advice.

We have a storeroom full of recovered stolen property that we just can’t trace the owners of. If they had been marked, we would not have this problem.

Also, a thief will think twice about stealing something that is visibly marked with someone else’s details as it makes it much more difficult to sell on the stolen goods market.

Install a security light to your garden, make sure your sheds and garages are secured with a strong lock and hinges, and chain valuable items such as bicycles and tools together.

If you have received an unsolicited approach to buy goods you think may be stolen, or have any information about those responsible for shed and garage burglary, please contact Notts Police on 101.