Worksop can grow and thrive with Government support and funding

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

Last week, James Brokenshire MP, the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government came to Worksop, writes John Mann MP.

He wanted to see for himself the Bassetlaw Council bids into the Government’s Stronger Towns and High Street Fund.

His visit started down by the canal and he walked up through the town to the town hall and he was able to see for himself the interventions that are needed to change the town centre around.

The discussions were open and honest and I believe he went away impressed with the council's ideas and proposals.

We now await his decision.

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I have always championed youth hostels across the UK. In parliament, indeed I chair the all-party Parliamentary group on youth hostels where I work very closely with the Youth Hostel Association (YHA).

I have been a long time champion of the YHA and its ethos, of enabling low cost access to places that many people would never dream of going to either due to the expense or a lack of awareness.

This can transform young lives forever, providing amazing places to stay and unique opportunities to explore.

This commitment to widening access extends to funding stays for families and young people facing adversity so that everyone has the chance to gain new confidence, new skills and a new perspective on the world.

As part of this funding commitment, the YHA supports my annual summer school by providing accommodation across London so that students from Bassetlaw can participate.

The summer school visit is often the student’s first time staying away from home so the youth hostels have been crucial in providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment for


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I have personal a goal to stay in every youth hostel in the country.

I regularly stay in one with my family over the Christmas period and my support for youth hostels has taken me to many different parts of Britain.

I am steadily making my way through the list and whilst walking in the mountains in Scotland last week I took the opportunity to visit even more youth hostels.

They are very affordable and the YHA has sites all over the UK.

Most now have family rooms, there is always good disabled access and I would thoroughly recommend staying in a youth hostel if you are looking to get away for a few days on a cheap budget.