Time is right to thank my staff for their amazing work, says Bassetlaw MP John Mann

. Pictured is MP John Mann (w121008-7p)
. Pictured is MP John Mann (w121008-7p)

I now know the date that I finish as your local MP — Monday, October 28, writes John Mann MP.

I am due to be introduced into the House of Lords on the following day.

That is unless we are already in an election by then. Who knows whether Parliament will agree to call an election or not over the coming weeks, I certainly don’t.

You will have the opportunity this year to elect your new MP. My office will close this month. It will be up to the new MP whether they choose to have an office and whether they choose to rent my current office. Anyone with half a brain would keep it, but that is their decision.

My staff are all made redundant on October 28 and the only work they will carry out after this date is to clear the office, destroy the files under data protection law and forward any late replies to casework that we get.

They are all available to be hired by anyone wanting a very experienced and talented employee.

I will remain living in the area and my wife will stay as a councillor for the Kilton ward of Worksop East.

I will have an office in the House of Lords, with staff support and as you own Parliament then local people and groups will still be welcome to visit and I will keep my involvement in local groups - I have already agreed to remain involved with the Priory Gatehouse trustees.

I am not certain yet, but I have asked that my email address will remain the same (mannj@parliament.uk). If not I will have emails forwarded and of course letters can be sent to me at the House of Lords. Anybody who wants their file back needs to contact me immediately as all will be destroyed as soon as I stand down, to comply with data protection law and to ensure no private information is lost.

As my staff ‘enjoy’ their last two or so weeks, I want to thank them in public for the amazing work they have carried out and the life changing successes they have won for people.

Politicians with something to say are like Marmite - you like them, love them or hate them.

What is undeniable is that my staff over 18 years have won more cases and more difficult cases for local people than any other MP office in the country. My only regret is standing down as an MP is that this unrivalled service might not be as good in the future.

The bar for the next MP in dealing with the issues that local people bring has been set very high and I hope that it will be continued.