Take action now and replace potentially hazardous tumble dryers

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

You may have heard about the recent recall of Whirlpool-owned tumble dryers branded as Hotpoint, Proline, Creda, Indesit and Swan, writes John Mann MP.

It is vital that if you own one of these tumble dryers that you take action to have it replaced.

Hundreds of fires have broken out in homes because of electrical faults with them.

I also strongly advise you not to buy a second hand tumble dryer in the foreseeable future.

If in doubt, check it out (Whirlpool's full list of affected models, published in July is here).

You have probably not heard that Bassetlaw Hospital car park has now moved to a vehicle number recognition system.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you have got in for free.

I think these systems are better as you pay for what you use.

I have asked the hospital to use common sense in the first few days of operating the new system.

I was in Budapest with my grandkids over the weekend and saw the brilliant fountains and water features it has.

When the Priory Centre car park and roads are sorted, the new road alignment will allow the option of such a feature at the bottom of Bridge Place.

I think the town centre would be improved by this.

A lot of nonsense continues to be talked about Brexit.

Lots of people are offering, or being offered, as alternative Prime Ministers, all wanting to stop a no deal Brexit.

READ THIS: No deal means everyone has less money, not more.

They all have their own perfect solutions, but when it comes to detail, they do not want a deal.

So its referendum or election that they default to, and in most cases both.

So what will this referendum be on?

Britain has a deal agreed with the EU – will that be voted on?

Will it be deal versus no deal, deal versus remain, no deal versus remain?

Everyone still wants the question that will get them the result they most want.

My prediction is that the result will be the same, so we will be back to square one again.

And everyone saying that everything must be on the agenda in one breath, then removes one of the options with their second breath.

How about a mass meeting in the Town Square with a simple show of hands.

All those in favour of getting on with it, put your hands up please.