Now give brave abuse victims the justice and compensation they deserve

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

The national child abuse inquiry report into Nottinghamshire is everything that I demanded it be, writes John Mann MP.

It pulls no punches in what went wrong for more than 50 years and is still going wrong.

Many people were asleep at the wheel, others knowingly negligent. Some people await trial, some have gone to prison, yet still there are still some casting doubt on those who fought back against the system.

The truth is that Nottinghamshire is no worse than any surrounding county or indeed anywhere else in the country.

The difference is that Nottinghamshire fought back. I am so proud of more than 30 local Bassetlaw people who came to me for assistance after what had happened to them, but also to very many more who gave me important insights and information despite not wanting to take matters further.

In my eyes they are equally brave, as are those still to come forward, battling to get on with their lives despite what happened to them as little children.

You are all brave and you are all heroes.

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My advice now is that they sue, sue and sue again any council that fails to offer proper compensation or provide files.

And now we have this report, I will publicly name anybody in authority who further puts barriers in front of these brave survivors of abuse.

We have played it calmly and professionally. Now, armed with this report, we will not be so patient.

I expect a full action plan by the councils by the end of September and not a minute later.

And I thank the inquiry team for their common sense approach, putting the survivors first at all times. My biggest contempt is for those politicians who kept quiet when they knew what was alleged.

It is the same with sexual harassment and alleged assault in Parliament.

Those who fail to act forfeit their right to hold positions of elected authority.