MP speaks out on abortion law

NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard
NEWS: The Gainsborough Standard

GAINSBOROUGH MP Edward Leigh has voiced his support for lowering the UK’s 24-week upper time limit for abortions.

Speaking in a Westminster Hall debate on 31st October, Mr Leigh pointed out that the British limit is double that of most European countries.

“Sixteen of 27 EU countries have a gestational limit of 12 weeks or lower,” said Mr Leigh. “Thus attempts to stir a reduction of the upper time limit as controversial have very little ground to stand on when we compare our laws with those of our European neighbours, as we often do in many other areas.”

He continued: “The Royal College of Psychiatrists has recognised that abortion can damage a woman’s mental health. Studies have discovered that women who have had abortions are almost twice as likely to suffer from mental health problems, three times as likely to have major depression, and six times as likely to commit suicide as mothers who do not have an abortion.”

Current UK law allows for abortion up until the 24th week, or later if there is a threat to the mother’s health, or if the child is suffering from a disability.

Last month, MP Leigh caused controversy by using his Standard column to speak out against gay marriage.