Liberal Democrat ready to launch Bassetlaw general election campaign

Councillor Helen Tamblyn-Saville.
Councillor Helen Tamblyn-Saville.

The Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Bassetlaw will officially launch her campaign this weekend.

Councillor Helen Tamblyn-Saville, Bassetlaw District Council member for East Retford West, is launching her campaign in Nether Langwith on Sunday.

A party spokesman said: “Helen lives in Bassetlaw and works hard for our community.

“She will be talking about her vision for Bassetlaw and what drives her to stand up for a better future for local people.

“Passionate for a fairer deal for local people, Helen is a councillor in Bassetlaw and works at a local children’s bookshop in Retford, which she plans to develop into a hub for local families.

“During the recent flooding, Helen has been out offering support while other parties were knocking on people’s doors to canvass and gain support for their election campaigns.”

Coun Tamblyn-Saville, of Retford, has vowed to fight for local ‘Sure Start’ centres, better funding for schools and adult education, reliable local services in health and social care and working to improve our struggling high streets.

She said, “Bassetlaw has the chance to vote for someone different, someone who connects with the local area and has our jobs, education, environment, health and security at heart.

“There will be more Brexit confusion with Labour, more failures with the Conservatives, but voting Lib Dem will end this Brexit mess and start focusing on the future of Bassetlaw and Britain.”