I have always been honest and told it like it is

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

I have written more than 900 columns for this newspaper over my time as Bassetlaw’s MP, writes John Mann MP.

In them I have given my view honestly and openly and never tried to spin some press release from Government or Party.

Any politician that says what they think are like Marmite.

People have an opinion on them and those with the biggest moths criticising are usually ones who never bother to vote or turn up at any community events.

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Thankfully the people of Bassetlaw are rather better than that and especially readers of this newspaper.

I worked with this paper for some of the biggest successes achieved in our community.

Without the assistance of this newspaper, Bassetlaw Hospital would be no more, but the Guardian backed my campaigns when it mattered most.

The heroin epidemic was turned around by brave reporting in this paper and it saved lives.

I will continue as MP until I move onwards in a few weeks, but in the near future you will have the opportunity to choose my successor.

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I will not be resigning from the Labour Party, nor stopping to support local councillors who remain a huge credit and asset to this community.

I will also be continuing to work with a number of voluntary sector groups in the area.

During the rest of this month I will continue to deal with emergencies that people have, but those with ongoing case should let me know if they want their files back for use by the next MP.

Please email me at mannj@parliament.uk if you want your file returning and my staff will continue to assist over the next month as before.

I am saddened that soon I will be leaving representing you but I will not miss the pantomime the House of Commons has become..

To the would be candidates to replace me, my advice is this: The role of an MP is to listen to their constituents, not to the echo chamber in Westminster, to put their interests before political career and to be there when they need you and to tell them it as it is.

People do no always like to hear the truth - I have never shied away from telling it as it is.