Government has failed to invest properly in UK schools

Sir Kevin Barron MP
Sir Kevin Barron MP

Recent figures from the National Education Union and School Cuts coalition show that four in five of England’s schools will be worse off next year than they were in 2015, writes Sir Kevin Barron MP.

It is now clear that Boris Johnson has failed to keep his pledge to reverse the Tories’ education cuts, let alone matching Labour’s plans to invest in a national education service.

Even worse, it is pupils with special educational needs and disabilities, and the schools that serve the most disadvantaged neighbour-hoods, that are paying the highest price for the Tories’ broken promises.

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Not only is day-to-day funding for schools nowhere close to enough to provide the high quality education our children deserve, but cuts to capital funding mean that school buildings are crumbling and new places aren’t being created where they’re needed.

Labour will invest in an education system that gives every child the best start in life.

Sir Kevin Barron is the MP for Rother Valley.