Deadlocked Parliament is just becoming a circus

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

I am not exactly sure what good is coming out of recalling Parliament as the place has deteriorated into an even worse pantomime, writes John Mann MP.

The reality is more evident every day that this is the frozen Parliament, incapable of rising above rhetoric and doing its job.

I have tried my best, talking to all parties regularly and arguing that we need to come together and reach a sensible way forward that respects the result of the referendum.

I might as well be walking the Scottish mountains for all the good that this is doing this week.

But, as whoever thought up the rules of the prorogue game has found out, clever tricks backfire.

The next ones will be more tricks pulled to try to block Brexit and the audience will continue to cheer or boo, not least those camped outside Parliament with EU flags, Union Jacks and placards.

Do these people have no jobs, no friends and families, as it is the same faces day in day out?

It’s all rather sad.

My advice to other MPs is to keep it simple.

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Remember who put you there and if you choose to vote on a law that allows the public to make a decision then be prepared to accept their decision, even if you don’t like it.

I agonised a lot before voting to have a referendum, because I realised that the result would always be open to interpretation.

I remain honour-bound to implement it.

Others should do the same.

I think that if the referendum is overturned then many people will simply not bother voting again, and for democracy that would be the most dangerous outcome of all .

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I had a fascinating meeting with a man called Garter who runs the College of Arms which determines Coats of Arms and agrees titles.

Mine is now with the Queen for approval, but it will not include ‘Bassetlaw’.

Much as I love this place and have worked to put it on the map, that honour should be solely for your next MP.

John Mann is the MP for Bassetlaw.