Bassetlaw's key part in US history

Coun Simon Greaves, Bassetlaw Council leader.
Coun Simon Greaves, Bassetlaw Council leader.

Americans across the world celebrated Independence Day on July 4 which marks the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the United States of America’s freedom from British colonial rule, writes Coun Simon Greaves.

Thanks to the Mayflower Pilgrims and their journey across the Atlantic in 1620 to establish the original American colonies, Bassetlaw will always have a significant connection to America and its history.

This week we sent messages of celebration to our American counterparts and new friendships that have been established through the Mayflower 400 project.

As the commemorations of this 400th anniversary draw nearer, our own piece of American history is quickly taking shape with the brand new ‘pilgrim’s gallery’ in Retford only weeks away from opening.

If you visited Worksop town centre last week, you may have seen the large pile of fly-tipping that had been left on Bridge Street.

I’m pleased to say that the council put it there (and cleaned it up afterwards) to highlight the impact of fly- tipping on the district and what you, the public, can do to help tackle this horrendous problem.

What I’m not pleased to say is that it costs Bassetlaw tax-payers £115,000 a year to clean up, damages rural environments and makes the streets look disgusting.

The slogan of this campaign was Your Rubbish, Your Responsibility and while some people may wish to make excuses for the people who fly-tip, the bottom line is that fly-tipping is illegal and there are no excuses or justification it.

Since this campaign started, the council has issued a fly-tipper in Worksop with a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice.

But your support is needed to stop this scourge.

Please dispose of your waste responsibly by using the household recycling centres or by paying a legitimate and licenced waste carrier to take it way for you.

You can find lots of advice online.