Bassetlaw MP says another Brexit delay means a Christmas election is looming

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

Parliament did it again, writes John Mann MP.

Despite 19 Labour MPs breaking the Corbyn whip to support Brexit, Parliament managed to delay further.

Britain is now reliant on the French to decide what happens next, which is not what I think people voted for.

It looks like we are heading for a General Election, but Boris Johnson doesn’t have the votes to do that and Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t had the bottle as he fears that voters will take their revenge on him for his shift to supporting another referendum, which is not the manifesto that we were both elected on at the last election.

Eventually, there will be an election where the Tories will campaign to leave the EU, the Liberal Democrats will campaign to remain and Labour will campaign to renegotiate a new deal and have referendum on it.

Some Labour MPs will then campaign for their new deal, others will campaign against it.

Clear as mud and I am glad to be getting out of it to do something more useful with my life.

I have in my last few votes continued to vote as the people of Bassetlaw, by a large majority, wish me to. Around 70% voted to leave and I again voted to leave and voted against Corbyn to get it sorted now.

It’s a guess when the election will be, but I think December looks likely.

Bassetlaw Council better order up some heaters and flasks for soup for those manning the polling stations and I can see Monster Raving Loony Party candidates dressing up in a familiar red coat and white beard.

I bet you can’t wait.

Meanwhile more details are emerging about the decisions by Labour’s national executive over who will stand for the party in Bassetlaw in a General Election.

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I understand that the executive didn’t even look at the three local people who applied to be candidates, never mind interview them.

That includes Basetlaw Council leader Simon Greaves or Bassetlaw’s youngest councillor, Jack Bowker.

This is not the Labour Party that the people of Bassetlaw have known for 100 years, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the decent hard-working Labour councillors in this area who are as disgusted as I am.

John Mann is the MP for Bassetlaw.