A WTO Brexit is not a no deal Brexit, it's just a bad idea

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

Most people I speak to are sick and tired of the whole Brexit process, writes John Mann MP.

Britain should have left on March 31 and have been done with it.

It should now be focused on sorting out the jobs and investment that this area needs.

As usual, the views on the north are being ignored by the Islington elite, who think they can play us for fools.

Meanwhile a hard core of extremists on both sides continue to mislead the public.

I ignored the Party line and voted to leave, because it was the view of the British people and of Bassetlaw. I have told you the facts and I will again.

A handful of people have demanded supported for a so called WTO Brexit - let me tell you what that is.

WTO is the World Trade Organisation, which is currently run by the Japanese.

Some people pretend that this is a ‘no deal Brexit' and they are deliberately misleading us.

Those proposing a no deal Brexit are actually relying on a WTO Brexit.

An actual no deal Brexit means Britain's borders are sealed and nothing comes in and out, its planes are grounded and its ships harboured because no deal would exist.

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What some are relying on is that this need not happen because we are able to immediately bring in a WTO deal, which is true and nobody can stop it.

But it is a deal and the terms of the deal are known.

It means tariffs on goods, so all cars go up in price immediately by more than ten per cent.

It means many food prices go up, some by 45 per cent, immediately.

Because of Britain's current reliance on imported goods, there will also be an immediate fall in the pound.

Some MPs think this is good, I think it is terrible.

There are winners and losers.

Hedge funds will be a winner, because they speculate both inside the EU and in the UK.

Big currency changes are good news for speculators playing the money markets as their profits increase.

The losers are also easy to identify, they are the Bassetlaw consumers whose food prices will go up significantly, car owners whose car and petrol prices will increase, home owners whose mortgages will go up as interest rates rise to counter inflation, those with property in Spain and France and those who like foreign holidays, which will be much more expensive.

Then there's those who like horse racing, whose sport will be decimated by having no deals in place on animal movements, anyone who wants to take their dog abroad and businesses reliant on imported goods.

So nobody in Bassetlaw cannot say they were not warned - a WTO Brexit is a bad option.

What Britain needs is a sensible deal, that allows people to go about their lives without hassle, lets businesses continue to trade freely and allows Britain to make its own laws and control its own borders.

That is what I voted for, at the referendum and what I have voted for in Parliament.

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And to those armchair experts, who know nothing about how the economy works, I say do not confuse the big picture, where the people have rightly decided both the future and the detail to make it happen.

If anyone wants a public debate with me on how the WTO, ECJ, GATT, MPC and ECB work and what that means , I am both willing and capable of having that debate.

That is what MP’s are elected for and for 18 years I have told it as it is and voted accordingly.

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