Police confirm 70 child abuse suspects identified in Notts probe but with only four arrests

Former Skegby Hall Care Home
Former Skegby Hall Care Home

More than 70 potential perpetrators have been identified as part of the police probe into abuse at children’s homes - with only four arrests so far, it has been revealed.

Operation Xeres was launched last April to look at complainants from former residents of children’s homes north of Nottingham.

Following a Freedom of Information request, Nottinghamshire Police said that the complaints have ranged from emotional to physical to serious sexual abuse at 10 homes in the region.

These include allegations against former staff at Skegby Hall in Skegby, Laybrook, Berry Hill Open Air School and The Ridge in Mansfield, and Cauldwell in Southwell.

The police say that 96 individuals have stepped forward to make complaints and from 193 separate allegations, 188 are still being looked into.

Of the four arrested, only one has been charged so far and involves serious sexual offences.

Nottinghamshire Police has since told the Chad that some of the 96 allegations date back to the 1940s, with a spokesman saying: “Given the passage of time since some of the alleged incidents, some known suspects have passed away while others faced allegations of low-level physical assaults, for which they cannot now be prosecuted due to legal time constraints.

“In addition, investigations may require the obtaining of historic care records, if available, as well as other evidence required to support a decision to arrest.

“We are prioritising the most serious allegations and we will make arrests whenever we have clear grounds to do so.

“We are updating survivors regularly about the progress of their cases and will continue to share information of key developments directly with them.”

The police have confirmed that Operation Xeres and Operation Daybreak - which is looking at abuse allegations at Beechwood home in the city, have been brought together as one investigation.

The police say they are still calling on abuse survivors who are yet to come forward to contact the police on the non-emergency number, 101.