Police commissioner accused of being ‘lazy’

Commissioner Shaun Wright
Commissioner Shaun Wright

South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright has been branded one of the ‘laziest’ in the country.

Sheffield Lib Dems have revealed that Mr Wright has made just six official decisions since he was voted into power in November, compared to some other Commissioners who have made over 80 such decisions, which all have to be logged. There are three Commissioners in the country who have recorded fewer decisions.

Coun Penny Baker, Sheffield Liberal Democrats’ spokesman for Community Safety, said: “While Shaun Wright doesn’t quite have the dubious honour of being the Britain’s laziest police chief, this research puts him pretty close.”

“Local people will be left wondering what our local Police Commissioner actually does to justify his big-bucks salary.”

Deputy Commissioner Tracey Cheetham said: “I have never worked with anyone so committed as Commissioner Wright, he works very long hours to ensure the communities of South Yorkshire are safe and decent places to live.”

“The decision log does not disclose the full entirety of decisions and the role and duties the Commissioner undertakes are extensive.”

“Some of the work he has recently carried out, as part of his commitment to increase the visibility of policing and reduce crime, are retain local bases for the mounted section and police helicopter and enable the recruitment of an extra 110 police officers and lead on the recruitment of 400 extra special constables.”

“Since the Lib Dem candidate came last in the PCC election last November, Sheffield Lib Dems have consistently attempted to undermine the role by making personal and contrived attacks on the Commissioner and his staff.”

“This is, yet again, an attack on the Commissioner, rather than a substantive criticism by the Sheffield Liberal Democrats.”

“If they were to actually look at what he does they would see that he works incredibly hard for the people of South Yorkshire.”

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