Worksop students are celebrating after another year of great GCSE results

GCSE results day at Outwood Academy Portland, pictured from left Abigail Hinchliffe, Ashleigh Doona, Millie Watts, Tia Lewis, Ellie Salmon and Eve Spink
GCSE results day at Outwood Academy Portland, pictured from left Abigail Hinchliffe, Ashleigh Doona, Millie Watts, Tia Lewis, Ellie Salmon and Eve Spink

The long wait is over for young people around the Worksop area after the annual GCSE results were revealed today (Thursday, August 22).

Pupils at Outwood Academy Valley celebrated an excellent set of results, with 83 per cent gaining a standard pass of grade 4 or above in both English and maths, an increase on last year’s results.
High achievers included Niall Goy, who got seven grade 9s, two grade 8s, one A and a level 2 distinction*.
Niall said: “I’m over the moon, I can’t believe what I got in English.
“I got a 9 in English language and an 8 in English literature, then all my other subjects were a 9, other than French which was an 8.
“I found the English test hard, I never really liked English and I think I struggled in the second literature paper. To say I got an 8 and a 9, I can’t believe it, I really can’t believe it.
“I’m quite an analytical person, so at A-level I’m hoping to do maths and all three sciences, and then hopefully university and then med school.”
Other high achievers, who gained five grade 9s were Lewis Roach, William Clarke, Paulina Bytnar and Lucy Easton. Lucy said: “I’m more than happy with my results, I didn’t think I’d do this well at all.
“I was really surprised with English, I was predicted 7s at the start of the year and I’ve come out with a 9 and an 8, so I couldn’t be happier.
“I’m still in shock. I want to go to Post 16 to study biology, psychology and drama, well I’ve got the grades for it now so I can!”
A common theme among the GCSE students was that they were surprised with their English results.
Dave Cavill, Principal at Outwood Academy Valley, said: “It has been fantastic to see the efforts of our students rewarded so well today in these thoroughly deserved results.
“We are very proud of the determination and resilience that they have demonstrated over the last five years.
“Each individual success is testament to the tremendous hard work of our students.
Mr Cavill also thanked the staff, parents, carers, governors and Trust Board for their support.
The principal finished by saying: “Congratulations!
“We wish all our students every success in the next stage of their education or training.”
Pupil Oliver New said: “I’m very happy with my results.
“My English language surprised me because I didn’t think I would do as well as I did, I got a 9.
“I now want to do my A-levels a get good results again.”
Meanwhile, at Outwood Academy Portland the hard work and dedication of students continued with 83 per cent achieving the pass measure of 4+ in English and maths, and 59 per cent achieving 5+ in English and maths.
The performance of students in English and maths has continued to excel, with 75 per cent achieving the strong pass measure of 5+ in English and an unbelievable 90% of students achieving 4+ in English.
Meanwhile, 67 per cent of students achieved 5+, while 88 per cent achieving 4+ in maths.
There were also a number of students who achieved the highest grade of 9 in English and maths as well as a number of other subjects. Among the individual high achievers were:
Ellie Hagen – Who got eight 9s including both English and maths and two A*s and a maximum ‘attainment 8’ score of 90;
James Day – Six 9s including both English and maths, 4 8s and an A* with Distinction in further maths;
Katie Mckinnon –9s in both English and maths, four eights and three 7s;
Eve Spink – Two 9s, six 8s an A*;
Sophie Knowles – one 9, four 8s and a Distinction*;
Megan Broad – one 9, five 8s and one A*.
Speaking about their success, Eve Spink said: I’m very happy. It’s what I wanted but not what I was expecting. I’m going to Post 16 to do history, English literature and sociology. I’m pleased I got a 9 in English language.”
Twins, Vanessa and Kurt Lassmans are very pleased with their results.
Vanessa said: “I’m shocked. Its not what I was expecting.
I’m going to A-levels in chemistry, business and drama.” Kurt said: “I was not expecting a 9 in maths. I’m going to Post 16 to do computer science, music and ICT.”
James Day said: “I’m feeling good.
“I’m a little bit shocked but it is mostly what I was expecting.”
Katie MacKinnon said: “I’m feeling really good.
“I’m shocked. I didn’t expect to get a 9 in maths. I’m going to Post 16 to do maths, psychology and law.”
Gavin Swinscoe, Principal at Outwood Academy Portland, said “I am always so proud of the students at Outwood Academy Portland, but the hard work, dedication and resilience shown by this
group of students in the wake of the changing landscape and increased difficulty of qualifications is something to behold.
“To see these young people achieve at this level, and become the amazing young adults that they have makes us all so proud, and the way in which this group of students have shown the focus, dedication and resilience to achieve these amazing results is something they should be massively proud of.
“They have significantly outperformed last year’s national performance once again, highlighting the focus they showed day in day out at Portland during their 5 years here.
“They have shown that they have developed the skills and qualities necessary to take on any challenge put in front of them in the future.
“This day, and the results they receive today, is their reward for 5 years of hard work and dedication which can never be underestimated.
“They have now set themselves up to have the successful life they so thoroughly deserve.”
Students at Worksop College saw just under a 10 per cent increase on 2018 for those getting the very top grades of A*, A and 7-9, (equivalent to A* and A).
Joe Huston from Tickhill is the eldest of three children at Worksop College and is very pleased with his grades. Achieving two 9s, four 8s, two 7s and 6, Joe is looking forward to heading to Sixth Form in a couple of weeks where he will be studying Maths and Physics. Joe has not quite decided on his third option, the results opening up more opportunities.
He said: “Honestly, I’m just amazed. It’s better than I expected.”
Mum, Tanya Huston is also in a celebratory mood.
She said: “We’re totally proud of him. We knew he had it in him and we had total confidence that the school would bring the best out in him.”
Head of Senior School, Clare Tilley is very pleased with the achievements.
She said: “Once again, pupils at Worksop College have demonstrated their resilience and sheer hard work.
“I am very proud of our Year 11 pupils and all our amazing teaching staff – I am looking forward to welcoming everyone back in a matter of weeks as we start the new academic year.”
The number of grade 9s gained by students at Tuxford Academy has increased significantly, from 24 in 2018 to 67 in 2019.
More than 70 per cent of students at the academy achieved five or more GCSEs at a standard pass (grade 4 or equivalent) including English and maths, up from 63 per cent in 2018. 75 per cent achieved a grade 4 in in English and maths, up from 68 per cent last year.
Sam Barnett, from East Markham, achieved a fantastic set of results including eight grade 9s in biology, engineering, English language, English literature, geography, maths, physics and religious studies, a grade 8 in chemistry and a grade 7 in Spanish.
He said: “I’m very pleased with my results. It’s been hard work but it’s worth it now. I will be staying on at Tuxford Academy Post 16 Centre to study physics, maths and either further maths or chemistry.”
Tuxford Academy Principal, David Vernon, said: “Once again, I am delighted with this outstanding set of results. Year after year, our students and staff show an extraordinary level of drive and determination to succeed, and this is reflected in the outcomes we have seen today.
"A big push for the academy this year was to further increase the number of grade 9s awarded to ensure our students achieve their full academic potential, and we are overwhelmed that this number has increased from 24 grade 9s in 2018, to a staggering 67 in 2019.”
“I am looking forward to seeing the next steps of all of our students, whether they are leaving us today or joining us next year at our Post 16 Centre, and wish every one of them the very best of luck in their futures.”
Ands​Students from Retford Oaks Academy, part of the Diverse Academies, are looking forward to the future after a set of excellent GCSE results.
Half of students at the academy achieved five or more GCSEs at a standard pass (grade 4 or equivalent), with 68 per cent achieving a grade 4 or above in English and 63 per cent in maths
Lauren Emery, from Clarborough, achieved a set of outstanding results, including six grade 9s in English language, history, religious education, biology, chemistry and physics, two Distinction* grades in hospitality and media, grade 8s in German and maths and a grade 7 in English literature. She said: “I’m really pleased with my results and I’m looking forward to coming back to the academy to join the sixth form”.
Another high achiever was Bebe Bierton, from Langold, who gained three grade 9s in English language, English literature and religious education, a grade 8 in history, a Distinction in media, a grade 7 in biology, grade 6s in art, maths and computing, and grade 5s in chemistry and physics.
Ahmad Hisham Wafai, from Retford, was “very happy” with his results. He achieved grade 9s in physics and maths, a grade 8 in chemistry, an A in further maths, grade 7s in religious education and biology, and grade 6s in English language, English literature, history, business, French and German.
Retford Oaks Academy Principal, Heather Widdup, said: “At Retford Oaks we strive for excellence and have very high expectations of our students and staff. This year, as with every year, I am delighted to see this hard work and dedication pay off with another fantastic set of results.
“I am incredibly proud of what our students have achieved and hope to see many of them back at the academy in September, as they join our sixth form. I am looking forward to seeing the progression of all of our students as they take the next steps in their educational journeys, and wish them all the best of luck in their futures.”