Retford Hub is getting a new look

Retford Hub
Retford Hub

Retford Hub which showcases art, produce and local businesses is set to close so it can get a new look.

The shop in Churchgate, Retford, will be closed for a week from September 16, while the work is being done.

Christina Jones from Retford Hub said: "The redesign gives us more space for our 140 local artisans to display their work beautifully.

"In addition there are improvements in every area with better seating and more space in the café, improved lighting, better picture hanging and many other changes.

"Our tourist area is redesigned with a new interactive display and more local souvenirs, ideal for Christmas.

"Come and see what our volunteers, with help from the King amd Miller, have achieved."

The King and Miller, which is a Sizzler pub, is funding the refurbishment through the Sizzling Carling Community Action award.

Christina said: "During the summer we welcomed an influx of visitors to Retford, who loved our town, remarking on the variety of shops and the welcome they received from local people.

"Explore Retford and you will find a town that for the most part is bucking the trend of closures that is decimating many northern towns.

"Visitors enjoyed the Pilgrim Museum at the Hub and we were pleased to welcome some large coach groups.

" If you haven’t visited yet, then you must.

"The exhibition by well-known artist Derrick Spence continues this month with a wonderful display of his work in the Gallery.