Former employees at a Worksop firm awarded £100,000 after complaining they were "kept in the dark" about the future of their employment

The firm was based in Blyth Road
The firm was based in Blyth Road

Twenty-five former employees who lost their jobs when Worksop freight services firm went into voluntary liquidation have been awarded about £100,000 after complaining they were "kept in the dark" about the future of their employment.

The 25 has been employed by BJS Yorkshire Ltd of Carlton Forest, Blyth Road, Worksop.

They complained they were not kept informed about what was happening to the firm which eventually went into creditors voluntary liquidation last year.

As a result they made legal claims at Nottingham Employment Tribunal against their former employers for protective awards and redundancy.

The secretary for state for business, energy and industrial strategy was also listed as second respondent as formal routine in case the firm fails to honour the tribunal decision.

Tribunal Judge Camp awarded the former employees protective awards covering 90 days.

A protective award is legal jargon for wages - normally awarded when the management has failed to consult workers and union representatives about the pending closure of their employment.

A protective award is limited by the Government to about £300 a week making the former BJS employees entitled to about £3,600 each.

This means the former employees are in line for a total of about £100,000.

Judge Camp said there had been no relevant recognition of a trade union by the BJS management.

He accused the management of failing to organise the election of employee representatives to consult with them in accordance with trade union and labour relations prior to the claimants being made redundant on November 2018.

Judge Camp said: "There was no consultation whatever and the legal claims are well founded."