Foal dumped in Nottinghamshire 'close to death'

A foal that was dumped in Nottinghamshire was found 'close to death' by a rescue charity. (Picture: Help for Horses)
A foal that was dumped in Nottinghamshire was found 'close to death' by a rescue charity. (Picture: Help for Horses)

A foal that was dumped in Nottinghamshire was found 'close to death' by a rescue charity.

Help for Horses has launched an appeal for information after a black and white foal was found dumped off Quibell’s Lane, Newark.
Janice Dixon, chair of the charity Help For Horses said: " This severely dehydrated, emaciated foal may have been there for a few days and when found was close to death.
"If anyone has any information regarding the owner of this foal, please message us.
"'Turnip' is now in the care of Help for Horses but weighing only 86kg and having round the clock nursing it is still very much touch and go.

"It's shocking, he's skin and bone, he looks fluffy but he's just hide just stretched over bones with not an ounce of fat."

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The foal is the latest in a number of horses dumped around Nottinghamshire.

"It's never ending," added Janice.

"We have had 12 dumped in five months in Nottinghamshire, and it's only getting worse.

The RSPCA said they were struggling to cope with the 'crisis' of dumped horses after four horses were found dumped near Kirkby in March.

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An RSPCA spokesperson said: “Animal welfare charities like the RSPCA are struggling to cope with the on-going equine crisis.

“Up and down England and Wales, horses are being found sick, dying or sometimes dead. It is frequently the case that they have been abandoned and left to die. This is upsettingly very common and it’s a massive issue - a very sad one at that.

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“We are constantly receiving calls to our cruelty line - on average 80 per day about horses alone across England and Wales - as well as messages every day on social media from very concerned and upset people asking for our help.”

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Janice said that requiring horse owners to have their animals microchipped would hold those dumping horses accountable.

Janice, who is also a director at Rainworth vets Mcphersons said: "It's not that the authorities don't want to know about the problem, it's that current legislation is not tight enough to prevent this from happening.

"I would like to see the council and the public pushing for public space protection orders because this is, at the very least, anti-social behaviour."

Janice added that she would like to see PSPO orders that require horse owners to provide a pet passport for their animal, and also have it microchipped, so any dumped horses can be traced back to their owners.

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