Childline's advice to Nottinghamshire students worried about exam results

A Level results are released tomorrow with GCSE results a week later
A Level results are released tomorrow with GCSE results a week later

Students across Nottinghamshire are set to get their exam results over the next two weeks - with many stressing about what they will get.

Youngsters will receive their A Level results tomorrow (Thursday), with GCSE results released a week later.

And a growing number of young people have been turning to Childline deeply worried about their results.

The NSPCC-run service said it delivered 1,414 counselling sessions to children and teenagers apprehensive about their grades in 2018/19 - rising by more than a half over the past four years.

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Concern peaked in August, with a fifth of counselling sessions taking place during the month when young people receive their A-Level and GCSE results.

At the charity’s Nottingham base, 106 counselling sessions were delivered.

Among the reasons for young people seeking help from Childline was worries about whether they would get the grades they needed to get into university and not wanting to let their teachers and parents down.

Children and teenagers also told counsellors they felt worked up and on edge, with some saying they were not able to sleep because of the stress of getting results.

One girl who contacted Childline said: “I'm really anxious about getting my exam results. I don't think I will get the marks I need to get into my chosen university. I think I've done so badly. Before the exam I had a panic attack and had difficulties breathing. I'm so afraid of not getting the right grades. I'm terrified that I've messed it all up and I'll ruin my future. I don't know how to cope.”

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Peter Wanless, NSPCC chief executive said: “We know that waiting for and receiving exam results can be a difficult time for young people, but they should never feel like they have to deal with these worries alone.

“Reaching out to a parent, teacher or by contacting us at Childline will hopefully put things in perspective and make them feel more positive about receiving their exam results and what comes next.”

Dame Esther Rantzen, Founder and President of Childline said: “I am sure we all felt nervous at exam time, but the possibility of failure has taken on a greater importance than ever before, and is deeply worrying our children. Young people are turning to Childline when they become so anxious that they are overcome with panic or lose precious sleep. And this is reflected in the rising number of Childline’s counselling sessions.

“I would like to remind young people that whatever happens with their exam results there will be plenty of opportunities for them to go on and succeed in their lives. We all have different strengths and qualities that make us who we are.

“Childline is there for them if they don’t know who else they can talk to. If it matters to you then it matters to us.”

Childline has issued the following advice for young people:

* Don’t panic if you don't get the results you were hoping for.

* You may have to make some tough decisions but remember you always have options and you can get help.

* Everyone is different so try not to compare your results to your friends or classmates.

I* f you're disappointed with your results it can help to talk to a teacher or someone you trust about how you’re feeling.

Advice from the NSPCC for parents and carers include:

* Try not to place pressure on your children to gain certain grades

* Your child may find it hard to talk to you about their results so be patient and supportive until they feel ready to open up about how they feel.

* Encourage your child to take their time to think about what they want to do next. There’s no need to rush into a decision straightaway.

* Help them think about their choices by writing down a list of pros and cons for each of their options.

Childline offers free, confidential support and advice, 24 hours a day on 0800 1111 or at