After a close friend passed away from cancer two women are shaving their heads at a Bawtry salon

Victoria Patricia
Victoria Patricia

Two women are raising money for Cancer Research UK by shaving their heads after a close friends of theirs lost her battle with a rate form of the disease.

Victoria Patricia was born with cystic fibrosis and spent a lot of her childhood in and out of hospital and in 2018 she was diagnosed with germ cell cancer.
Victoria had 10 courses of chemotherapy, and even after surgery to remove a tumour, there were still seven tumours left and Victoria lost her battle on September 2, just weeks before her 18th birthday.
Now Sadie Chandler, 20, from Retford, along with Robyn Cooke, 18, from Fife, are raising money for Cancer Research UK by shaving their heads after Victoria lost her after chemotherapy.
Sadie said: "After having mild illness my whole life, I became noticeably unwell in 2017.
"I’ve since spent nearly half a year in hospital, been all around the country for various specialist appointments, had my whole life changed, and become essentially housebound since then.
"This is where I came to meet Victoria and Robyn. Vic loved to support people going through problems in their life, particularly with their health.
"She found me through us both being unwell and looking for friendship online that we had to miss out on in real life.
"She also invited people with cystic fibrosis to online groups so they could stay in touch and have good connections with each other.
"This is particularly special because people with cystic fibrosis are forbidden from even being in the same room together as they give each other serious infections.
"The amount of friendships and life lines she made for others with CF is amazing to think about.
"Although I thankfully do not have CF, she still supported me and made a big difference to my life.
"Robyn also has cystic fibrosis and she had a bond with Victoria that I can’t put into words.
"I think the bonds people with CF make with each other are unique and something other people can never truly appreciate. Victoria was that bond for countless people."
Sadie and Robyn are hoping to raise £1,000 from their head shave for Cancer Research UK and CF Trust UK. The event is taking place at the Deluxe Lounge in Bawtry, on October 12, at 1.45pm.
Sadie said: "Deluxe Lounge have been so supportive to me this past year. They are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met, and very graciously offered to host the fundraiser and shave our heads and do our makeup so we can look good bald.
"They’re wonderful people and will make it a really touching time for everyone, including some of Victoria’s family who will be travelling to it.
"As Victoria lost her hair to chemotherapy, we thought it fitting that we lose ours in her memory.
"​I’m so determined to have people hear about how special Victoria was, but also to have people make a difference to charity.
"Victoria was one of my three close friends with cystic fibrosis, seeing what they go through every day is heartbreaking, and of course so is cancer.
"We want to make a change to people affected by them, in Victoria’s memory.
"Cystic fibrosis, childhood cancers, and germ cell cancers get such little awareness and funding and I would shave my head twice over for them."
To donate click here and you can also follow Sadie and Robyn on Instagram @baldheadsforvictoria where they will also be live streaming the event.