Abandoned dog found in Whitwell taken in by rescue centre

The dog was found in Whitwell
The dog was found in Whitwell

An abandoned dog which was found in Whitwell has been taken in by a rescue centre in Styrrup

Gemma Vernon found the dog and took it back to the Chance Equine Rehab and Rescue Centre but now wants to find its owners or someone who will be able to care for the dog.
In a Facebook post Gemma said: "We have picked this lovely little lady up.
"She has a chronic skin infection caused by mites and fleas.
"She weighs 10kg under what she should be and is severely dehydrated.
"She's been seen and treated by our lovely vets, she's also had a fabulous hydro bath by Lorraine and now tucked up in a safe bed.
"Who ever did this, why?
"My vet bill is under £150.
"If anyone wishes to donate to help out visit out Go Fund Me page."
If you would like to make a donation click here.