A Game of Thrones fan from Whitwell has created a periodic table based on the TV show characters

Ian is pictured with the Table of Thrones he has created
Ian is pictured with the Table of Thrones he has created

A Game of Thrones fan has combined his artistic flare and his knowledge of the popular television show and chemistry to create a periodic table - the Table of Thrones.

Ian Sadler, 31, who is from Whitwell, worked as a lawyer in London for several years but he decided he wanted to do something more creative and fulfilling so he moved back home and set up a selection of small businesses with his partner.

Ian said: We’ve set up a bit of a ‘portfolio’ of micro businesses - so the Table of Thrones poster is one of them, we also established www.thesheshirtshop.com designing and selling feminist t-shirts and netball hoodies.

“We donate money to women’s charities and also encourage women and girls into sport and we’ve supplied quite a few members of the England netball team with hoodies, a bit of sports trading and also occasionally renting our house on Airbnb.

“It’s keeping us busy.”

The pair currently split their time, with their two month old baby, between Whitwell, Skipton and Bali.

Ian said: “I’ve always been interested in chemistry and am a huge fan of Game of Thrones, and given the sheer number of interesting characters in GoT I thought there was a real gap in the market for a periodic table poster that actually worked like the real periodic table with connections between the characters and their positions in the table.

“I know somebody else published a periodic table poster a couple of years ago, but I’ve approached mine very differently.

“I’ve approached it from a scientific angle, have added loads more detail, and have carefully researched every character so that it actually works more like a periodic table rather than a just few random collections of characters.

“For example, the Lannisters take the place of the alkali metals and become more reactive/explosive as you move down the group from Tommen and Tywin to Cersei and Joffrey, just like the real elements do.

“A lot of the symbols from the actual periodic table are retained. For example, the Blackfish also gets to keep his nickname and is ‘Bk’, Berkelium. The Spider, Varys, sits in the place of Strontium and shares the ‘Sr’ symbol.

“There are lots of little connections like this, it was a lot of fun to make.”

The poster also comes with a 32 page bonus digital information guide with details of all the hidden connections in the table, along with character biographies.

Ian said: “It started out as a small bonus feature to go with the poster and ended up being 15,000 words.

“I’ve thought very carefully about which characters belong where and which symbols to give them, with many characters retaining the symbols of their corresponding elements.

“For example, Jon Snow sits in a Targaryen group in the place of Silver, keeping the ‘Ag’ symbol for two reasons: ‘Ag’ reflects his real birthname ‘Aegon Targaryen’, and the Latin word for silver ‘argentum’ originates from a word meaning ‘white’, reflecting his, believed, heritage as a Northern bastard with the name ‘Snow’.

“This is the type of information that I’ve put in the accompanying guide, along with brief character biographies.

“Everybody is placed very deliberately in the table.”

"I'm currently running a competition with one of the Table of Thrones posters as the prize and to enter, people simply need to submit their email address on www.tableofthrones.com before Episode 5 airs on Monday night."

For more information about the table or if you would like to purchase one visit www.tableofthrones.com.