Peer pressure drove Notts teen to burglary

Mansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court

A young man from Worksop burgled a garden shed and stole two bikes because of ‘peer pressure’, a court has heard.

Adam Ben Zacharkiewicz, 19, of Retford Road, pleaded guilty to burgling the shed on Albert Road and stealing two bicycles from another address.

Daniel Pietryka, prosecuting, told the court he had been detained by police with two other men at 5.30am on November 1 2015.

Electrical items were stolen from the shed and two bikes, worth £230 and £500, had been taken from a back garden.

Yvonne Wragg, defending, said: “Unfortunately the two others were school friends. He doesn’t know who made the decision but they did it together.

“He was very silly to do this because he is a hard-working man who lives with his parents.

“A little bit of peer pressure on this occasion was involved.

“His mother is now treating him like a nine-year-old rather than a 19-year-old. She is trying to stop him from associating with people who are getting him into trouble.”

Magistrates heard Zacharkiewicz worked in Boston, leaving his home at 4am and not returning until 7pm.

Imposing a curfew of 8pm to 4am from Sunday to Friday, and from 7pm to 7am on Saturdays, for two months, Mr Harry Banner said: “I am just hoping you will listen to your mother.”

He was ordered to pay £450 compensation towards the cost of the £500 bike which has not been recovered.