Parking row

Audrey Thompson from North Anston is speaking out over a parking fine ticket  (w111115-14a)
Audrey Thompson from North Anston is speaking out over a parking fine ticket (w111115-14a)

When pensioner Audrey Thompson left her car windows open for her dogs when she popped to the shops in Worksop this summer, she had no idea it would end up costing her £50.

Bassetlaw Council slapped Audrey, of North Anston, with the £50 fine after her ticket flipped over on her dashboard in Queen Street car park on 11th August.

The 77-year old had returned early to her car and showed the valid ticket to the warden but was told she would have to appeal.

But despite several letters and a telephone tribunal this month, parking bosses have refused to withdraw the penalty.

Audrey, of The Green, said she feels disgusted by the way she has been treated.

“It’s keeping me awake at night because it is so unjust. I have been law-abiding all my life and don’t deserve to be treated this way,” she said. “If I hadn’t left the windows open in the heat I would have been in court accused of causing my dogs unnecessary suffering.”

Audrey said she had stopped to do a few jobs in Worksop in the afternoon after taking her whippets Misty and Miner to Clumber Park that morning. “I paid my £1 and returned well before the time was up. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the fixed penalty notice,” she said. Common sense really has gone out the window - this is so unfair.”

Audrey said she believes the council has failed in its duty of care after installing machines which issue stickerless tickets which have to be placed on the dashboard. “I have been told by Bassetlaw Council that problems with tickets happen quite often, so why hasn’t it done something about it,” she said. “Is collecting unjustified fines more important than justice? Surely it’s the council’s responsibility to look after the interests of justice and not antagonise law-abiding people in this way.”

Audrey now carries blu-tack in the car to stick parking tickets to the dashboard. She said the incident has angered her so much that she will no longer shop in Worksop.

“I am so scared of getting another parking ticket, I will not park in Worksop again. The town has lost out.” she said.

“As a pensioner I can ill afford to pay the £50 but if it goes to county court, I will be liable to pay the costs, which I just cannot afford. I really feel as though I’m stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea.”

A Bassetlaw Council spokesman said Mrs Thompson’s case is still under appeal.

“Until it has been through the full appeals process, I regret the council cannot comment further on the matter,” he said.