Parking company offers to refund leisure park fines

Mansfield St Peters Retail Park
Mansfield St Peters Retail Park

A parking company which covers a busy Mansfield retail park has agreed to refund motorists fined for being caught up in Christmas traffic.

An agreement between Parking Eye and the agency which runs St Peter’s Retail Park has been reached after the issue was first raised by the Chad.

Several motorists complained they had been hit with the penalty notices after overstaying the free 45-minute period in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The park became busy with Christmas shoppers and there were often queues of traffic to leave – meaning many were unable to leave within the 45 minutes, even after returning to their car in time

With Parking Eye’s cameras only picking up when vehicles enter and leave the park, many were shocked to receive a £50 penalty charge notice.

However, after Bilsthorpe couple Angela and David Burditt raised the issue with the Chad, they were given a refund.

Dennis Copeland, regional manager of British Land – which manages St Peter’s – said the opening of Toys ‘R’ Us late last year had led to a rise in customers visiting the retail park throughout December.

He said: “Following the opening of Toys ‘R’ Us in November, we saw an increase in traffic, which added to congestion in the run-up to Christmas.

“We are working with Parking Eye to retrospectively cancel parking charges where it is clear extra time was needed to allow for this.

“The affected customers will receive refunds on paid parking charges and charges which are still open will be cancelled.

“Letters will be issued to all to confirm.”

Former Ashfield District Council member Linford Gibbons was hit with the penalty notice prior to Christmas.

He said;: “It’s good news and well done to the Chad.

“It’s the busiest time of the year .

“If people are getting hit by penalty notices it would put people off going there, and that would have a knock-on effect for the town.”

Customers who believe they have been issued with a parking charge in error should contact Parking Eye who will look into their case.

All information on how to make an appeal is detailed on the back of the parking charge and on the ParkingEye website -