Pam was inspired to make weight change

Pam Marshall, before and after
Pam Marshall, before and after

A Gainsborough woman is celebrating after she lost three stone thanks to Weight Watchers.

Pam weighed 16st 7.5lbs before she started experiencing very personal and hurtful comments regarding her weight.

This motivated her to sign up to her local Weight Watchers meeting and kick-start her weight loss journey.

Pam 55, is a school administrator, mother of one and active walker.

After she received an unwelcome comment about her weight Pam was upset and disheartened.

Pam said: “This really gave me the push and determination to achieve and create a healthier lifestyle for myself.

“I attended my meeting feeling nervous but was soon made to feel at ease.

“My local coach, Debbie Waby, is lovely and made me feel welcome while discussing the plan perfectly.

“I made the decision to follow smart points and I lost weight a healthy rate of 2lbs per week.

“The plan is flexible and fits perfectly for my lifestyle.

“I attend the meeting on a weekly basis and it feels like my home.

“The weekly meeting provides structure for my weight loss journey and the motivation of fellow Weight Watchers kept me on track.

“My coach Debbie was motivational, supportive and knowledgeable and because the coaches are trained in nutrition they were able to guide meal and food choices.

“I embraced the smart element of eat, move and smile as I was active with swimming and walking as a group of friends were embarking on a charity walk later this year.”

However in June 2016 Pam’s health was impaired as she suffered a slip disc and due to the pain Pam is unable to continue with her walking which is really upsetting.

This can impose challenges on her weight loss journey due to her medication.

However Pam says her coach Debbie is always supportive and even more so when needed, discussing food options and focusing on celebrating scale and no scale victories which help reassure Pam when needed.

Pam is scheduled to have an injection which will in turn reduce her medication and leave her feeling back in control pain free.

Pam added: “I have dropped three dress sizes to a size 16 which is the first time in 20 years.

“I am so proud of myself and feel amazing.

“The confidence and feeling that I can achieve my weight loss goal is my motivation.

“I have made many friends and there is a feeling of belonging at my local group and I know that will continue.

“Smart Points are a very flexible plan with the simplicity of eating everyday foods.

“So I am able to socialise with friends while also enjoy my favourite chocolate treat.”

Tracking via My Meeting Journal and Smart Points calculator ensured Pam stayed truthful to what she was consuming and taught her about portion control and nutritional values.

Pam’s coach Debbie holds weekly meetings at the Methodist Church Hall in North Street Gainsborough on Tuesday at 9.30am and Wednesday at 5.45pm.

Debbie became a coach in November 2015 after her own weight loss journey.

Debbie said: “Pam first joined my meeting after her father made a comment about her weight which really upset her.

“Following the SmartPoints plan has enabled Pam to lose three stone so far at a healthy rate of two pounds per week.

“Pam is still on her journey and will continue to stay focussed on achieving her goal with the help of other members and Weight Watchers digital tools like the calculator, app and barcode scanner.”

To find out more about joining Weight Watchers, call Debbie Waby 07989643509 or visit