Nurse fights back from bite

Life chaning: Denise Grainger, 62, has had her life changed by the donation of a new stairlift
Life chaning: Denise Grainger, 62, has had her life changed by the donation of a new stairlift

A former nurse from Worksop is fighting back after being left disabled by an insect bite and is celebrated being given a stairlift to get her life back on track.

Little did healthcare assistant Denise Grainger realise what impact a random insect bite would have on her life.

The bite, which happened while she was working at a Bassetlaw Hospital in Worksop, resulted in a debilitating condition that contributed to her having to retire early due to ill health. But she has now had her dignity restored at home, after nursing charity, Cavell Nurses’ Trust, helped pay for a stairlift which means she no longer has to sleep on her own downstairs.

Denise, 62, who spent 25 years working at the hospital before her forced retirement in 2005, says she finds walking a constant struggle and also admits to being constantly tired. Her health problems include osteoarthritis, kidney failure, angina, and liver disease.

“My leg was terrible, it was all black from being bitten by this insect, whatever it was, which had probably come from a stagnant pond,” she said. “I could hardly stand up and couldn’t walk.”

“Prior to that I just had the osteoarthritis, but the lymphodema together with the arthritis was what forced me to retire. And everything else seemed to happen with my health after I was bitten.”

Denise continued: “I had applied to the council for a bungalow, but when I didn’t get that I applied for a stairlift but was also turned down.”

Then, out of the blue, Denise got a call to say she could have a stairlift from Cavell Nurses’ Trust. She was awarded a £400 grant from Cavell, which also set about raising the rest of the £5,090 cost from other charities.

And she is in no doubt as to the difference the stairlift, installed just before last Christmas, has made to her and husband Stuart’s life.

“I am absolutely over the moon. It’s brilliant to be able to get upstairs again. I had forgotten what was up there!”