Notts Police to star in documentary series

Notts Police to star in documentary series
Notts Police to star in documentary series

A documentary series starring Nottinghamshire Police officers and staff is back for another series airing today, Monday, November 12.

The programme, season four of Cops UK: Body Cam Squad features hundreds of officers and filming spanned almost five months of action across Nottinghamshire.

The first episode, which will be shown at 9pm on UKTV channel 'Really' will include officers racing to rescue a woman who’s called 999 claiming that her partner is trying to kill her. Later a dangerous driver who failed to stop is on the run and a dog handlers and his dog are tasked with tracking him down through residential gardens.

Police showed their view of the incidents by filming with body cameras.

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said: "Following overwhelming public support for more episodes we are really looking forward to sitting down on Monday at 9pm for very first of eight brand new episodes of Cops UK: Body Cam Squad season four, filmed in Nottinghamshire.

"We think you should tune into Really Channel too on Sky 142 or Freeview 17.

"Crews have been deployed to a wide range of challenging incidents including violence, vulnerable people, domestic abuse, road traffic collisions and antisocial behaviour.

"All of which give the police the opportunity to show the issues that are faced and to inform you about how we deal with them, the demand upon us and the talents of your local police force.

"What is unique about this series is that you'll see the action from the point of view of an officer through their body worn video cameras."