Notts: Police join campaign to stop excessive drinking


Notts Police is joining a campaign to end the damage caused by excessive alcohol.

Ending Alcohol Harm (EAH), coordinated by the Notts Crime and Drug Partnership (CDP), builds on the Force’s Alliance Against Violence campaign which was launched last October.

EAH asks people to think twice before they drink to excess and looks at the health, financial, social and criminal implications as well as where to get help.

The work to date has involved representatives from the city’s universities, Police and Licensing, the City Council, Community Protection, alcohol service providers, and many more.

Driven by Notts’ status as a Local Alcohol Action Area, a section of the work will be delivered in partnership with Drinkaware, the national alcohol charity.

Assistant Chief Constable, Simon Torr, said: “Nearly 50 per cent of all violent crime is alcohol related and drink related antisocial behaviour is the most common form that people experience.”

“Drinking so much that you can’t think clearly makes you vulnerable and more likely to become a victim of crime, be injured or be involved in violence.”

“Alcohol harm is social issue that we all have a stake in solving. We will continue to work with our partners to spread the message that personal responsibility is key.”

Jon Collins, Leader of the City Council, said: “Clearly a great many people enjoy alcohol responsibly without causing any harm to either themselves or others.”

“However, it’s when people simply drink far too much, either on a one-off occasion or over the longer term, that serious issues arise, from health problems to violent behaviour and sexual harassment. It gives us a great opportunity to have an important dialogue with citizens about an issue that affects them.”

Paddy Tipping, Notts Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “This is an important initiative involving so many partners and shows that once again, Nottingham is leading the way nationally.”