Notts: Police force to appeal against ‘unlawful’ retirement ruling

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Notts Police is to appeal against an employment tribunal that ruled the force’s use of regulation A19 to require officers with more than 30 years’ pensionable service to retire was unlawful.

The force has lodged an appeal along with four other forces - Devon and Cornwall, West Midlands, North Wales and South Wales - who were all told their use of A19 breached age discrimination laws.

The ruling made three weeks ago followed a tribunal which took place last year, in which former police officers won their claims against ‘indirect age discrimination’.

Almost 100 officers left Notts Police between April 2011 and March 2012 when A19 was in introduced.

After last monthe’s ruling Notts Chief Constable, Chris Eyre, said: “It was necessary for the police authority to consider the use of regulation A19 as a result of the wide ranging austerity measures affecting public services.”

“This was a very difficult decision for the authority and one which was taken after extensive consultation with officers who had 30 years’ pensionable service and the relevant staff associations.”

“Had there been other viable alternatives the Police Authority would not have made the difficult decision to implement A19.”

The tribunal gave the five police forces involved 42 days to lodge an appeal.

All five have since taken further legal advice and have been told they have grounds for an appeal.

Notts Police said the move to appeal followed discussions between chief officers and police and crime commissioner Paddy Tipping, and the decision was a joint one between the chief constable and PCC.

It is not yet known how long the appeals process will take.